Friday, April 28, 2006

High heels

Ouch! My feet......

Thank goodness for the longer weekend.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


  1. *gasp*

    Why DO women do that to themselves?

    Er...those were women, weren't they?

    (Then Moody remembers he was a KISS fan in the mid to late '70s...)

  2. hehe...long-haired, black-eyed, white-faced ... but they rox!!!

    hey the Japanese Rock the Nation live dvd is released recently in Japan? u gonna get it?

  3. Anonymous10:50 PM

    wow, nice leggies. which planet are those from? :D

  4. Hmm.. high heel are nice with slim legs..

    Can imagine those with elephant legs wearing high heel.. yaks.. pretty ugly sight.

  5. Bizarre. Reminds me of the girls in Japan who find it fashionable to wear "cowboy boots" fitted with a tall narrow heel. Starved for attention I guess.

  6. "Why DO women do that to themselves?"

    MM, Vanity is thy (women's) name, I guess.

    KISS fans were in heels? They painted themselves too I suppose.

    Pandabonium could be right - starved for attention. But then again, there are people of both genders who need attention. Look at those Mohicans, skinheads, hippies, celebs, etc., etc. **Sigh** Interesting place we live in.

    YD, yes, they rock! KISS, Alice Cooper, .......

    Slurp, ah..... here is someone who appreciates. ;)

    Robin, that's me! that's me! - slim legs but those heels will kill me. urgggghhhhh......

  7. KISS fans were in heels?

    No, KISS were in heels...7-inch (18cm) heels, to be exact...

  8. MM, if KISS were in heels, then wouldn't the fans follow suit, at least some of them? I wonder.

  9. People actually BUY and WEAR 'em? *sigh*

    ... d end's near! ;)

  10. FH2o, yeap! They're on the streets. I betcha these people would think kayaking yucky. Different strokes for different folks, right? Live and let live - Moss and all.