Sunday, April 2, 2006

If Women Ruled the World

I wonder if it's true what they say about an inclination
to pick out things in blue if the baby a woman is carrying
is a boy and pink stuff if it's a girl.

I went shopping with a girlfriend the other day and was like
"what's with all the pink stuff"? She bought everything in
shades of pink - pink baby clothes, pink milk bottles, pink
nipples or is it teats - geez, I don't know - pink bed linen,
like pink everything she bought that day. Even the maternity
dresses she picked out are pink. Isn't that carrying it to
the extreme I asked. Perhaps she's having a baby girl?

Can you imagine if women ruled the world? What do you think
would be the dominant colour? No prize for guessing it right.
Imagine the world as thus:

Oh no...............


  1. I'm sure many if not most of those (except the space shuttle) can probably be seen in Japan right now.

  2. I quite like the fighter plane actually... >_<

    Wouldn't it be nice if they paint F-22 Lightning in shades of pink too? :-P

  3. Ahhh.....only pink??? I am sure we can appreciate all the colours of the rainbow except blue.

  4. YD, I thought the F-22 was called the "Raptor". Oh, well, it would still look funky in pink! Actually, I think gloss black with red trim and a yellow and orange flame pattern along the nose and leading edges would be even cooler!

    Not much camouflage value, but still cool!

  5. ooopsss, slip of tongue! have been playing too much games :D

    Moody, your description of "gloss black with red trim and yellow nad orange flame pattern" somehow reminded me of This

    It's finger licking good! ^_^

  6. Have you ever noticed...
    most condoms are PinK too? I wonder why...hehehehe..
    Isn't it an indication that Women already rule the bedroom!

    Idham. <---always practice safe sex.

  7. Pandabonium, "Oh no!!" is exactly what I'd say too. haha!

    MM, in real life? I thought these would only apply in Barbie doll or Hello Kitty ranges. But then again Japanese folks are a very enterprising lot. Dare to be different sort of!

  8. YD, finger-licking good. haha..
    While we're at fighter jets, let's also colour the B52s pink too as they're supposed to be stealthy anyway and would not be picked up on the radar. If only women ruled....haha...

    Blown away, hmmmm.......

  9. it's my life story, "only pink??? I am sure we can appreciate all the colours of the rainbow except blue."
    -- yes, you are so right. :)

  10. Pink panther is pink, panties are sometimes pink, flamingos are pink...

    oh no.

  11. Anonymous4:43 PM

    What?? I am pink!?! NOPE...I am not pink....I am yellow.

  12. Pinkpanther, you're not pink? You're yellow? I always thought yellow is Big Bird and Robin is Big Bird. Oops!

    I love Big Bird! He is so sweet!

  13. OMG!

    I'll have to start wearing dark glasses then ...

  14. Agus, too pinky lah. haha...

    FH2o, careful there. You might not be able to see where your kayak is going. ;)

  15. If you're feeling "in the pink", it means you are healthy and happy, but you definitely don't feel very good if you have "pinkeye".

    It's flattering to say that a child has pink cheeks, but it's not so good to tell an adult he has a pink nose.

    Mental hospitals in the U.S. paint the walls of their wards pink because the color is said to induce relaxation, but a woman dressed in hot pink is liable to induce a very different emotion.

    In the 80s it was fashionable among male preppies and yuppies to wear pink polo shirts. Before and after that, guys who tended to dress in pink would be eyed with suspicion.

    In one episode of "The Simpsons", Homer's white dress shirt winds up being tinted pink in the wash, and when he goes to work wearing it he is taunted by his coworkers and then sent to a mental hospital by his boss.

    Of course, we can't forget the Aerosmith song, "Pink".

    What a complex color...

  16. and Pink Floyd and the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

    MM, Wow! What an assemblage of all things pink. haha.. Thanks.