Saturday, December 16, 2006

Stranded Whale Saved

Once in a while, we get animals being trapped in our shallow waters. This time, it's a whale and I'm glad the stranded whale has been helped out to sea and I hope it's doing fine. Poor thing. See below for the full story.

FREEING LUULUMBO: Tourists, rescuers and Pulau Gaya villagers trying to free a Bryde's whale, known to Kadazans as Luulumbo, that was trapped in shallow waters between Pulau Gaya and Pulau Sapi off Kota Kinabalu on Friday. After numerous attempts, divers and a tugboat managed to set it free. It was towed to deeper waters at 7.45pm.
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  1. Maybe the whale needs to upgrade its GPS system.

  2. Good thing there were no Japanese or Norwegian fishing boats nearby.


  3. Pandabonium, that's a good one. LOL!

    MM, no!!! They wouldn't dare, with so many nature conservation people around. They'd be dinner themselves! haha..