Sunday, December 31, 2006

Choosing Baby Names

Some of my friends who are mothers swore that one of the most daunting tasks as a parent is picking a name for their new-born. As traditional Chinese, the names would need to have a meaning, a positive meaning, that is. Some of them are lucky in that they have parents and parents-in-law to help suggest names. As Chinese, we have to consider the name in Chinese characters as well as the romanised name. Also, some Chinese families still maintain the tradition of keeping to a set of names for each generation. This has been going on for generations per clan rules. Chinese maintains a family or surname or what is known in the West as last name.

Indian names and Muslim names are different from Chinese names. They honour their father as opposed to Chinese honouring the family clan. Both have their own merits.

I noticed of late, Muslim names have become quite elaborate and some even have a beautiful ring to it. My colleagues and friends took painstaking efforts in finding the desirable Baby Names for their new additions to the family. I believe, names make a person so no effort is to be spared in getting the right baby name for your child.

If you are a Muslim and are looking for a baby name for your newborn, you may want to visit this UK site for baby names. They have baby names for boys and girls as well as popular names for both genders. If you'd like to name your child after a prophet, you can choose from their list of names of prophets. Do visit the site. You won't regret it.

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