Friday, December 15, 2006

Real Estate Investment

If I were looking for real estate investment in the US, I would strongly consider the new Cave Creek Resort & Casitas.

Spread over 20 acres in the heart of Arizona's Sonora Desert, with spectacular mountain views and great golf just minutes away, this new development, Cave Creek Resort & Casitas is a place where relaxation comes naturally. I believe lots of memories will be made there.

I can buy a condo and rent it out as a hotel when I am not there or I could use it as a family vacation home and live my dream. Wow!

If you are interested, visit the Cave Creek Resort Casitas Website today for more information.


  1. my dear..

    it is very far far far away hor..

    Not to mention investment returns

  2. The US is the last place I would be looking for real estate, and the middle of the desert (I am quite familiar with Scottsdale) would be the last place among the last places to look considering we are in the twighlight years of peak fossil fuel production and such places are only habitable due to air conditioning and automobiles - not to mention water pumped in hundreds of miles from the Colorado River.

    Live by the dream, die by the dream. Oooo...bad panda.

  3. LOL!! But at least you're getting good money from all this, eh? *wink*

  4. Dear Robin and PandaB, thank you very much for your concern. Perhaps I should rethink.

    LB, *wink back*. Thanks.