Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 Photograph of the Year Contest

Hey, you guys take great pictures. I know. I love the pictures you put up on your blog. Why not put that photography to good use and take your photography to a higher level as well as win some prizes in the process. Enter the 2006 Photograph of the Year contest.

It should be an easy opportunity for anyone who has a camera. Anyone can enter and any photograph submitted will stand a chance to win. Prices worth $14,000 are waiting to be won, proudly sponsored by:

- and many more.

Entries are due in no later than midnight, GMT on Friday, January 12, 2007 and voting begins on January 15, 2007. So hurry, get those pictures taken and submitted.

Find out more and how the contest works. Before submitting a photograph, you may want to make sure you are aware of what information is required with your submission (check out the How to Submit a Photograph page), as well as what limitations there are.

Rules of the contest can be found here. Best to go through and understand them. Knowing the timeline is important. If there is any specifics you would like to find out about the contest, you can go to the Photograph of the Year forum.

Finally, wouldn't you like to know the kind of prizes you can win?

Good luck!

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