Saturday, December 30, 2006

Credit Cards

Yes, Christmas may be over but for many people, it still has to be paid for. Did you overspend this Christmas? For those who did their shopping with credit cards, it could be worrisome as January's credit card statement is coming in.

The use of credit cards to pay for purchases is now the popular method of consumer spending. This is enhanced with credit card issuers offering attractive loyalty programs and establishments offering great discounts. There'll be further spending with school re-opening next week. School textbooks, uniforms, school shoes, stationery will all be needed.

With the 0% balance transfer credit card facility available, many people are now applying for this type of credit card to transfer their existing credit balance. 0% balance transfers do help save substantially on interests.

As there are so many credit cards to choose from, how do we know which credit card is the best. Which gives the best deal? It is therefore important to compare credit cards so that you get the best credit card available.

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