Friday, December 29, 2006

Why We Love Children

Yes, why do we love children? Those of us who do not have children would love to have them (no?) while those who have them would love to give them away, well, sometimes (no again?). Anyway, I think generally children are great fun to have around, i.e., if you discount their crankiness and their incessant whys and wherefores. Enough said, just enjoy these jokes about children.

Source unknown


  1. I especially love children with a little white wine sauce.

  2. Anonymous5:08 AM

    LOL!!! Son of a bitch!

  3. They are nice till they are about nine.

  4. Hahahaha... i'm getting inquisitive looks from the ppl at the club liao.. all your fault. This is really good. Mind if i curik the jokes?

  5. MM, hmm.. that sounds interesting. I shall try that too. LOL!

    LB, yeah, kids!!

    Joe, nine is still the magic number?

    Bernard, do you think they might be thinking, this doc needs a doc himself?! LOL! Curik away and have fun.