Monday, April 23, 2012

KFC Voucher - "Meal for Two"

McDonald's hasn't given out any vouchers lately but here is a KFC voucher for you. Though it's not for a free meal, the voucher offers a discount on a KFC "Meal for Two". Just print out the coupon above and redeem. Black-and-white vouchers are also accepted.

Voucher is for a Meal for Two at RM19.90, normal price at RM26.40.

Redemption for

* 3 Pieces Chicken
* 1 Colonel Burger
* 2 Whipped Potato (R)
* 1 Coleslaw (R)
* 2 Iced Lemon Tea (R)

Terms & Conditions
1. Please present coupon upon ordering
2. Valid at all KFC restaurants in Peninsula Malaysia excluding KFC Genting Highlands, KFC Genting First World, KFC KLIA, KFC LCCT, KFC Cameron, KFC Senai Airport & Langkawi
3. Not exchangeable for cash
4. Not valid with other promotions and discount offers. Not valid for catering order of 50 packs and above
5. Price subject to 6% Government Tax
6. Colour or black & white printout coupon is accepted

Coupon is valid until 30 June 2012


  1. but i think this is from TM and not from KFC right?? since this is from TM i supposed it's valid all the time and not only for half a day~~ :D

  2. A colleague has redeemed it for lunch so we know it's good. Was told the burger is a bit too small though. Check it out and feed back here?

  3. I wonder whether SK really wants to go check it out. I thought he banned himself from KFC?

    Have you gone to KFC to check the deal, HappySurfer. :)

  4. i didn't banned myself from KFC, but i banned KFC from 2012 at least~~ :D

  5. Thanks for this info, though I seldom eat KFC : )

  6. wow.. I too printed out and may use it this weekend.

    hmm.. but who should I give the extra food to? I just eat one pcs meal

  7. Bring a friend, Robin. :D

  8. Foong, you're welcome. Me neither but I've discovered the KFC chicken rice is pretty good.

  9. Lina, I have not used the voucher yet but the colleague who has redeemed it was okay with the meal. Besides, I still have time with the deadline set for June end. You going for this KFC Meal for Two any time soon?