Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Frolics - The Taco Test

Tacos, a food with Mexican origin, has not caught on here yet, but lately, crepe stalls have been springing up in shopping complexes in the city operating as a food chain manned by foreigners mostly. This week's quiz is called The Taco Test and which says I am Hilarious.

My rating of the results? I'd say 4 is pretty close.

1 = Absolutely not true
2 = Some truth
3 = 50% true
4 = Mostly true
5 = Close to 100% true

Have a nice day ahead and a wonderful weekend, everyone!

You Are Hilarious

You are light hearted and fun loving. You look forward to each new day.

You are a bit offbeat and quirky. You enjoy the unexpected things in life.

You are a person of complex taste. You like how different elements go together.

No one would describe you as boring. You have a fresh and interesting outlook.


  1. haha, I am civilized.. I am mild mannered and even a bit shy at first. It takes a while for me to come out of my shell. I am easy going and happy. I enjoy everything in life. I am a person of subtle taste. I don't like to overwhelm my senses. No one would describe me as boring. I have a fresh and interesting outlook.

    Quite true this time.. :)

  2. Sorry, we can't find "". Please check the spelling of the web address. No Taco today..not for sale/out of stock eh..Yours tacoly, Bananaz

  3. SK, civilized? I like.

    Bananaz, you had a problem with the link? I'm able to open the file. Please try again.