Sunday, April 8, 2012

Attracted by an Outdoor umbrella

Malaysians eat out a lot, the author included, and it is always nice to see a new eatery in an area you often frequent. Recently, I spotted a new food outlet in the neighbourhood. A lovely blue outdoor umbrella among the row of outdoor umbrellas caught my eye.

Unlike most eateries, this new food outlet emphasises on color as evidenced by the umbrellas out in the sun that come in various colors complemented by the equally colorful but matching tables and chairs.

From the outside, the place looks really inviting. Will have to give it a try soon..


  1. I could happily sit there with a book and a coffee for a few hours! ^^ I wish Tokyo could have more street caf├ęs, but our pavements are too narrow and the exhaust fumes would probably kill us. Sigh.

  2. Oh, we have that too, exhaust fumes - probably killing us slowly too. LOL

    However, we do have some really nice spots where happily sitting there reading a book is possible.

  3. where is this? if i may ask