Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Vacation home provides more flexibility

Nowadays, people plan better for holidays or at least they know exactly what they want with regard to going on a holiday.

We were talking about holidays at breakfast last week and the choice between free-and-easy option versus a guided tour. Most of us prefer to go on a guided tour, me included. The thinking is when we go on a holiday, it is supposed to be enjoyable and not having to run around (albeit on the Internet) searching for the best travel packages, itineraries, hotel and transportation reservations and the like.

Most of us at breakfast agreed that free-and-easy is preferred when there is a friend or friends in the holiday destination familiar with the place. On a free-and-easy vacation, vacation homes do work well as they are something like a home away from home. I came across some Vacation homes in Kissimmee, Florida, online recently and thought they would make great accommodations on a trip to Disneyland. Staying in a vacation home would allow for more flexibility in schedules and could significantly reduce the holiday expenditure.

What about you? Would you prefer to stay in a vacation home instead of a hotel room?

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  1. Hit the road with a backpack and hiking boots, follow your nose and ... have an adventure! :D