Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Frolics - What Stone Cut Are You?

Let's do a stone-cut Friday Frolics personality quiz this week. Interesting questions too. Take the quiz to find out what stone-cut you are.

Oh dear, it says I am a maverick!

Happy weekend, everyone!

You Are a Triangle Cut Stone

You provide direction and leadership for others. People are looking to you to see what you'll do.

You are ready to fight for your interests. In the end, you need to take care of yourself first.

You are a maverick. You've always been unconventional and an individualist. You refuse to conform.

You are both an ambitious and aggressive person. Right now, your professional life comes first.


  1. I am a Baguette Cut Stone

    I don't like to sit around wondering whether I should act! I prefer to get moving. I believe that big things are going to happen for me in life. I am very optimistic. My ideas are outlandish but not as out there as they seem. I am more brilliant than radical. I'm confident about my future. I see the world as my oyster.

  2. Bananaz sama like SK, a Baguette Cut Stone..tQ

  3. Maybe guys are supposed to belong to the Baguette cut stone type. :p

    Any more guys want to try to prove this assumption? LOL