Monday, October 8, 2012

Dog hair styling

Everyone has a bad-hair day. (Funny I should be posting this on a Monday!) What do some of us do? A colleague once wore a bandana (yes, a bandana not a scarf) to cover her 'dirty and oil hair' as she called it. That was the one time she had everyone in the office wondering if she was alright.

Do dogs have bad-hair days too? Not if they are as well-groomed as the ones below:

A cocker spanial being groomed by his owner during the international dog hair styling competition in Stadtroda, Germany. Source

Here's another pretty pet, a large poodle being groomed at the same dog grooming competition in Germany. Aww... Too cute!

I read the other day that the Chinese in China have now taken to keeping dogs (as opposed to eating them). I was tickled at pictures of how the dogs were being groomed and dressed up.

Looking at the poodle, topiary comes to mind, doesn't it? But that's for another post.

Have a wonderful Monday and the rest of the week, everyone!


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Yesterday,, you! Why is everybody talking about hair? LOL!!!

    1. and anay is going to talk about pubic hair treatment tomorrow?? kekeke.. :p

  2. pets hair treatment and styling has become a business now, making money, and I think our normal salon visit is even cheaper than theirs huh?? how ironic!! :D

  3. Its not an easy job to get the dogs to stand still like that

  4. Go Zen priest, says I: just shave it all off! :D

  5. Bad hair day? For me, just wear a cap! LOL!