Saturday, October 13, 2012

No blue skies over Kuala Lumpur today

The weather is not pretty here in Kuala Lumpur today. It wasn't either yesterday when a heavy downpour at around 4pm caused flash floods which in turn led to massive traffic congestion in many parts of the city.

In the east coast of the peninsula, preparations are underway in anticipation of the monsoon. Relief centres have been set up and people are moving their belongings to higher ground.

Just as we speak, across the Pacific Ocean, the US space shuttle Endeavour is making its final journey, at the less than rocket-propelled speed of two miles an hour, in a meticulously planned and stately trip through the streets of Los Angeles.

Some 400 trees have had to be cut down - provoking initial protests from locals - and power lines turned off to make way for the 78-ton vehicle on the two-day, 12-mile (19-kilometer) journey to the California Science Center.

The enormous white spacecraft, which reached 17,500 miles per hour when in Earth's orbit, began moving Friday afternoon, looking like a giant ocean liner cruising surreally across LA's mostly low-level cityscape. More..Space shuttle makes stately last journey to LA home

Back to KL. If you are into music, you may want to check out the local music scene. KL has a lot to offer whether it's dub, reggae, rock or jazz - clubs or concerts. Hey, it's Saturday! This weekend's music spread..


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Was good here this morning, bright and sunny...but around 2, it suddenly changed - rained a still gloomy.

  2. Was praying hard this morning when dark clouds hover over the sky as the appointment for TM tech to my cave ETA 15:00hrs. They came and got the wifi in order what a relief..phew!