Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Watches from Petaling Street, KL Chinatown

Over the years, visiting colleagues from overseas have often requested for a visit to Petaling Street, i.e., KL Chinatown, to be included in their visit agenda. The main attraction there being football jerseys and watches - original duplicates, that is. These time-pieces, albeit not original, do make great take-home gifts for friends and family.

I remember one time, a colleague from the US bought more than ten watches. He even got them for such a good price - a number of the watches for as low as USD10 each! A point to note if you are shopping in Petaling Street is that you are allowed to bargain. Getting the price down to 60 or 70% of the asking price is a fair deal.

On the other hand, many visitors to this country do buy authentic watches from reputable watch shops. If you are from the West and the foreign exchange rate is to your advantage, you would be able to buy a Mens Diamond Watch, for instance, for less than what you would have to pay back home. Me thinks.

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