Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is Pink Ribbon Month - Breast Cancer Awareness

It's that time of the year again. October is Pink Ribbon Month, the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. The initiative serves as a reminder for women to go for their annual breast examination/mammogram. It also celebrates breast cancer survivors.

Stress contributes to many illnesses including breast cancer. Breast cancer which used to be more prevalent in the West is now part of our lives. Indulgence in fast food, increase intake of processed food in our diet, extended hours of work and having to balance work and family life all contribute to the stress that we go through today. Pesticides and herbicides in our food is also hazardous to our health.

If you are overweight, it puts you at a higher risk of getting breast cancer, according to studies. Also, overweight cancer survivors are at a greater risk of getting a relapse later in life.

However, exercising regularly can reduce the risk of contracting breast cancer.

A woman's lifetime exposure to oestrogen is sometimes implicated in breast cancer risk.

The factors that put a woman at higher risk include:

- If you don't have children, or have given birth to your first child after 35, because pregnancy suppresses oestrogen levels.

- Early menstruation (before12 years).

- Late menopause (after 55 years).

- Have not breastfed before (breastfeeding suppresses oestrogen levels).

- Being overweight.

Here in Malaysia, statistics show that breast cancer is on the rise despite efforts in getting information to the public. More awareness needs to be created for women to take positive action towards early breast screening as the best protection is early detection. Early detection saves lives.

Source: The Star..Pink Ribbon month: Get your breasts checked


  1. Tokyo Sky Tree was illuminated in pink lights on the 1st of October, in honour of Breast Cancer Month. ^^

  2. are you wearing the pink ribbon.. but sadly, i think the awareness is still very low in Malaysia..