Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Victoria Beckham shows her humorous side in cheeky Facebook photo

Have you ever experimented with taking fun or cheeky photographs? No? Here's an inspiration from Victoria Beckham, wife of famous footballer, David Beckham.

She posed for this cheeky photo which husband David posted on his Facebook page.

The fashion designer stands on a New York street - strategically distancing herself so she appears to cup David's nether regions in a huge advertisement on the side of a building behind her. Read more about She's got her hands on David's Goldenballs!

Image source: Dailymail


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Old Spice...

  2. hahaha, nice one!! she's just showing what she usually does in the room in the public~~ :D

  3. She is saying "you cant get away from my claws"? Chup yik nun fei (canto) *got wings can't fly*