Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Frolics - What Banned Book Are You?

If you were a banned book, which book do you think you are? This is for you to find out in this week's Friday Frolics quiz. Take the quiz below to find out.

Happy Friday, everyone!

You Are The Hunger Games

You have a wild imagination, one that is not easily satisfied by run of the mill stories and novels.

You like to be transported to a completely different world. You like to be immersed in a life that is nothing like your own.

You don't mind an outlandish story - in fact, you require it. You prefer a book that's not just about ordinary, every day things.

There's nothing you like better than being lost in a book - especially one with a strong plot and protagonist to root for.

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  1. Me Handmaid's Tale..tQ HS

    You have a head for ideas, and you like to spend a lot of time thinking about the implications of the modern world.
    You sometimes swear that you can see the future, and it isn't always pretty. For this reason, alternative futures and even alternative histories appeal to you.

    You think that we need to be careful of what we ask for. Sometimes the smallest changes can be a slippery slope.
    You like a novel that presents a warning to the world. You aren't a pessimist, but you are a realist!

    1. Aah, a different book here! True that in life sometimes the smallest changes can be a slippery slope and we do have to be careful what we ask for.

  2. second week in a row!! i got the same result as yours Happy.. we are the HUNGER GAMES, hahaha!! and i actually like this movie (not book as i've not read that, hehe)~~

    1. And we have the same book here! Second week in a row, SK? Let's see if we can make it three next week.

  3. Mine is To Kill a Mocking Bird.