Sunday, September 29, 2013

KL Tower is one of Top 10 Landmarks in Malaysia - Tripadvisor

Congratulations to Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur) for being recognised by Tripadvisor as one of Top 10 Landmarks in Malaysia. Source: KL Tower Facebook page

KL Tower is currently hosting the 2013 KL Tower International BASE Jump event in which a hundred BASE jumpers have signed up for this extreme sport held annually. This is the only time visitors are allowed onto the deck to experience the thrill of being on top of the world, sort of.

KL Tower is used for communication purposes and features an antenna that reaches 421 metres (1,381 feet).

This year's BASE Jump event started on Friday, Sep 27 and will end tomorrow, Monday, Sep 30 (morning day jumps only). 4 day jumps and 3 night jumps have been slated for this year.

Image source: Menara KL Facebook


  1. not surprising that it's one of the Top 10 landmark in Msia. Been up there once. But that time didnt get to see much as it was "hazy"

    1. Yeah, best to put off the visit on a hazy day. Recommended timing to go up is just after a rain when the air is clearer and you can see for miles. The view up at the KL Tower is a much better one vis-a-vis the view from the Skybridge at Petronas Twin Towers, the observation deck at the KL Tower being almost near the top of the 421m tower whereas the Skybridge is only at half of the 453m Twin towers on Floors 41 and 42.

  2. I remember visiting KL Tower and went up the tower. But quite pricey think it was about RM33 or something to enter.

    1. It's now at RM29 for MyKad holders (adult) and RM19 for children for just the Observation deck.

      For non-Malaysian tourists, adults pay RM49 (a little over USD15) each and RM29 (approx USD9) for children.

      There's another charge for entrance to the Formula 1 Simulator Zone. That's right, anyone can be an F1 driver, only here at Menara KL.

      Both locals and foreigners pay the same entrance fee, i.e., adults pay RM20 (approx USD6.20) each and children RM15 (approx USD4.60).