Monday, June 9, 2008

Curtain-shopping in Nilai

Nilai, a town south of Kuala Lumpur is famous for a Chinese speciality, Buddha Jump Over The Wall, so I was surprised to learn from a colleague that she went all the way to Nilai to buy curtains instead. It was from her neighbour's recommendation she said.

However, the experience was not a positive one as the materials that looked nice were all sold out leaving just the ones that were plain and mediocre in quality. What a letdown to be going all the way there only to be disappointed. She finally did her shopping in Petaling Jaya.


  1. I suppose this Buddha Jump Over The Wall is the same as Monk Jumping Over The Wall? Not that I am any expert, since in my entire life, I've only had one Mink Jumped Over the Wall..

  2. Yeah, one and the same. But you lost me there with your Mink. LOL!