Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Frolics: The Wizard of Oz

Let's do something different this week on Friday Frolics.

All of you know or at least have heard the story, The Wizard of Oz. But do you know the differences between the classic books and the classic movie? Test your knowledge, take the quiz to find out.

Trivia Quiz: The Wizard of Oz


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    how was your score? I am not very familiar with the story ... will find out more

  2. I got 4 out of 10 right. I remember the book being grimmer and bloodier than the movie...

    ...kind of like the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book was much more twisted and sadistic than the Gene Wilder movie, though the Johnny Depp version is much closer.

  3. I got 50% - but I was often guessing.

    Wonderful movie. My favorite was Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow.

  4. Andie, I flunked. I'm not familiar with the differences between the book and the movie so I just scored 1 out of 10 and not sure which is the sole correct answer that I got. Guess I'll have to get re-acquainted with it.

    MM, grimmer and bloodier? Oh dear. Re Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I haven't seen the Gene Wilder version nor read the book but I enjoyed the Johnny Depp version. Kinda cute and entertaining.

    PandaB, you, are the highest scorer here. *applaud* Like I said, I'll need to get reacquainted and I'll pay special attention to the Scarecrow.