Thursday, June 26, 2008

It is Worth Investing in Quality Travelling Bags

Travelling on holiday can be educational and a lot of fun, that is, if nothing untoward happens. Recently, a colleague came home from a trip to the States but his luggage did not.

He was concerned (and rightly so) that he might not get his luggage back which also held souvenirs for his family and friends. He was relieved when after two days of arrival, the luggage arrived and to his relief, everything was in order.

Another colleague was not so lucky. He too returned from the States but his luggage zipper was tampered with and he lost many valuable items. When it comes to buying luggage, there are many quality bags in the market, ones that are tamper-proof, like those by Briggs and Riley which carry a "Simple as That" lifetime warranty and if your luggage is ever damaged (even if damaged by the airlines), Briggs will fix it, free of charge...simple as that.


  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I have been told that Mandarina Duck is great too ... any idea about that? Samsonite is just way overpriced. But we do need good traveling gear. I have seen many many embarrassing moments of people with cheap luggage that break down as soon as the flights land...

    Briggs looks like a good quality, btw ..

  2. I just did a check on Mandarina Duck website. The prices are pretty good. I agree that Samsonite is overpriced but at the same time, I tend to believe that you get what you pay for.