Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eye On Malaysia

Ticket to Ride, this one..

Ticket to ride the Eye on Malaysia, that is. This is an awfully late post. I apologise.

Ticket prices - a lot cheaper than rides elsewhere, I believe

These are the rest of the shots. Click to enlarge image. As you can see, there is a lake nearby. This is a man-made lake, named Lake Titiwangsa. I'm not too sure but I suspect this lake could have been from those tin-mining days of Kuala Lumpur.

Lake Titiwangsa is just a small part of the park that it is. It is popular with city folks as a recreation ground where it is used in the mornings and evenings for activities like jogging, walking, cycling, roller- or inline-skating, a game or two of badminton, tennis, even kayaking.

And when it comes to dinnertime, why not head on over to the Lake Titiwangsa Seafood Restaurant for authentic Malaysian cuisine. There is ala carte, buffet and steamboat dinner. This is a popular place with tourists and locals alike as dinner comes with a cultural show entertainment.

The park is in the city itself and is located next to a number of landmarks which include the newly-built Istana Budaya (Cultural Center) where the forthcoming Mamma Mia musical will be staged. The Istana Budaya is the blue-roofed building in the bottom row picture, second from right.

Other landmarks include the National Art Gallery and the National Library. Also in the same vicinity is the National Heart Center (a hospital), Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, a private hospital (Tawakal Hospital) and the Bernama news agency.

You would also have noticed the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and the Kuala Lumpur Tower in the background. The former is just a 10-minute ride away while the KL Tower may take another ten minutes or so.

Unfortunately, the aerial shots did not turn out well as the glass is heavily tinted. Plus, there was a slight drizzle.

The Eye On Malaysia was supposed to be in Kuala Lumpur until Dec 31 of last year but it was extended to August this year. If you'd like to enjoy a ride, you would have to go to Malacca as the Eye on Malaysia is now located permanently in historical Malacca to boost tourism. Did you know that Malacca has recently been designated a World Heritage site along with Penang Island?

This picture source is The Star


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Happysurfer, have they moved the Eye yet? I visited early this year and was told they are gonna shift it to Malacca....I want to revisit again but not for the ride though...i cold sweated up there :)

  2. MBL, aww... that's just too bad. You'll have to visit it in Malacca. Dismantling began in August for it to be set up and ready for operation in October in Malacca. I believe it should be up and running now.

    Ferris wheels don't scare me but roller-coasters do. Bungee-jumping? Forget it!! Banish that thought! LOL! However, I'd love to go hang-gliding though. Go figure.

  3. Yeah, let's hang-glide!! That would be so fun!

    I was at the Eye last year.. Still can't decide if I was impressed.

  4. LB, that's okay. I wasn't (impressed). Oh well..

    Hang-gliding? Wheeeeeeee........

  5. Anonymous10:41 PM

    I decided to get adventurous and took a ride on the eye of Malaysia. Its a big thrill. My girl was scared but the quality time spent on the ride was worth the price of the ticket. The neighboring lake is very beautiful from up there. Its a place where you cannot afford to miss out whether you are living or visiting Kuala Lumpur.
    Food, Fun and Living it all in Kuala Lumpur

  6. Hi! I don't know about the thrill bit but it is still something to experience. And yes, Lake Titiwangsa and the surrounding grounds are a good place to visit.

  7. now that its back in my hometown, maybe i should try it haha :) ive yet to even try on the singapore's flyer...! lol

  8. Hey, you've got to - just once.

  9. haha ok will heed yr advise :)

  10. QC, have fun and enjoy the view.