Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Google adds cheer to the various major festivals and holidays.

If you do a Google search right now, you will see this Halloween image on the landing page.

Happy Halloween to You who celebrate this festival. Who are you role-playing this year?


  1. Too bad Halloween is not celebrated in Malaysia and Singapore the same way it is celebrated in America :p

    i want to role play King Kong :p

  2. I like what Google did! The last time they were very creative with the Beijing Olympics too with the fuwa dolls : )

  3. MB, yeah, it'd be fun, and scary too. I think I'll just stay at home. Who knows who or what will be lurking out there. LOL!

    King Kong, eh? Convince your wife to be Jessica Lange. ;)

    Foong, I agree. I managed to collect most of them with the intention of posting them. Maybe I will. We'll see.