Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Frolics: The Umbrella Test

Do you own an umbrella? Given our weather, most ladies here do. If you were out shopping for an umbrella, would colour be a priority and if so what colour would you choose.

Would you just grab one, any colour, doesn't matter? Or would you pick a colour that is pleasing to you or pick a colour that matches something you already have though it's totally irrelevant to the whole equation?

From the previous colour quizzes that we took, we know that our colour choices do tell on our personality. Let's do another quiz on colour, this time an umbrella test, and see what it says about us, shall we?

What Your Green Umbrella Says About You

When faced with adversity, you try to calm down first and act second.

You can approach things from a fresh perspective, but you have to relax first.

You are a very insightful and perceptive person. You offer up interesting critiques.

You have amazing levels of concentration. You can focus completely on any problem until it is solved.

On a rainy day: you take time to nap, day dream, and relax

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  1. I chose the Orange umbrella...

    When faced with adversity, you are able to come up with a creative solution.
    Problems don't ever get you down. You see them as an opportunity to think outside the box.

    You are playful and light hearted. You make the dullest tasks interesting and lively.
    You are curious about the world around you. You take every moment as an opportunity to learn.

    On a rainy day: you should get out there and play in the rain

  2. This is what my BLUE umbrella says about me:

    When faced with adversity, you can be counted on.
    You rise to the occasion when things are tough, and you are very dependable.

    You are cool and laid back. Everyone finds you easy to get along with.
    You are a good communicator and conversationalist. People pour their hearts out to you.

    On a rainy day: you should spend the day catching up with your closest friends

    (Maybe I should just walk in the rain and get wet...)

  3. I'm singing in the rain...

    Well, my first choice is green, but frankly I choose my umbrella color based on what color clothing I am wearing that day.

  4. I am with Pandabonium. I choose my one depended on my mood and clothing too.

    Singing and Dancing in the rain sounds GREAT fun. :-p

  5. Let's do it! Get out in the rain!