Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Beached Whale Dies on Malaysian shores

Yet another whale has been beached on Malaysian shores. This time it was found on the beach in Pahang, east coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

The 3.9 ton 10-meter long (about 33 feet) Bryde's whale was pulled back into the sea by Marine boats during high tide late Monday, but by Tuesday (Oct 14), it was back on the beach. Villagers kept it cool by sprinkling it with sea water and covered it with wet blankets and a mattress. Unfortunately, it did not survive the ordeal.

The autopsy showed the female had swallowed a black plastic bag, a rope and a bottle cap, which clogged its intestine.

The state's veterinarian department will continue to examine the whale, which will later be buried near the estuary's jetty.

Back in December 2006, a Bryde's whale was stranded and died in eastern Sabah state in East Malaysia. It's not a surprise that both are Bryde's whales as these whales are found in tropical waters.


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Scant regard for the environment has resulted in the death of these mammals.

  2. If only Hancock was around...

  3. MBL, and I wonder if whaling will render whales having the same fate as dinosaurs sometime in the future.

    LB, eh?

  4. I wonder if humans will have the same fate as the dinosaurs - only as a result of our own stupid actions.

  5. PandaB, there is always that possibility - because we never learn. Or our collective karma dictates that we shall all perish in the hands of a giant meteor colliding into Earth. Kaboom!!! and it's all peace and quiet while we all scatter as dust in space... Nothing is impossible..

    Okay... enough scaring for the day. LOL!