Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Of Weather and Recession...

Yesterday's heavy downpour over the Klang Valley could be an omen that all's well again? If only things are that simple.

The bank bailout by the British government may have relieved some pressure on the world economy, allayed some fears, changed some stats. Like this one, beating Bill Gates, Warren Buffett has become the richest American on the Forbes 400 list. This is on paper, of course, until the dollars are in physical hard cash. Still. A feat no less and imagine how much sponsorships that could take care of, not that he is not sponsoring.

The Star reported that Asian markets rallied and KLCI picked up 19 points. However, analysts say the coast is not clear and volatility is expected. Everyone is watching Dow's reaction. Whatever gains or technical rebounds there are can evaporate just as quickly as they came.

Malaysia is not in danger of slipping into a recession, our Prime Minister assured us. But will this stand the test of time?

Back to the weather. Weather forecast for Kuala Lumpur says partly cloudy which was the similar forecast yesterday morning when I checked but it switched to thunderstorms by afternoon. Hope the good weather holds up today. The downpour the past few days caused some flooding in the Petaling Jaya area and yesterday's caused some roofs flying off from an apartment block in Rawang. As a temporary measure, a huge canvas is used to protect the homes while the authorities figure out which party should be fixing the problem.

Here is a shot I just took. Funny how clouds are always hovering over the city center. There is a scientific explanation, naturally, but we won't go into that.

Here is another part of Kuala Lumpur. Look at those lovely white clouds. These days, I am into cloud-watching, haven't you noticed? It's hard to miss them when they are looming right in front of you in your office.

It's not only clouds that catch the attention. These are shots taken yesterday after the rain and before the sun quietly gave way to the stars.

...and, I leave you with something for your listening and viewing pleasure, "Vincent" by Don McLean and beautiful artwork by - Vincent Van Gogh. Thank goodness for such beauty. Enjoy..


  1. No recession, but slowdown.

  2. Anonymous7:59 PM

    It has been raining daily..and I am loving it...:)

  3. I love to watch clouds too! When I watch clouds, I am like in a different world. All my worries and earthly problems are gone! Nice photos there! : )
    Rain - I absolutely love the rain. It's cooling and it's cleansing. Some people prefer sunny weather. Me? I prefer rain if I'm indoors and cloudy when outdoors.

  4. KS, yay!! Just hoping we are not fooling ourselves.

    MBL, so wet! Too wet!

    Thanks, Foong. Sunny weather for me anytime. Can't you tell? I'm a sunny person. LOL! Though we need the rain to balance out the environment. As we speak, we are on the verge of yet another thunderstorm. Not again! :(