Sunday, October 19, 2008

Man United beat West Brom (4-0)

As much as I am a Manchester United fan, I was only able to stay awake until halftime of last night's game between Man United and WBA (West Bromwich Albion) and it was still goalless when the whistle went off. There were nail-biting moments.

But, am pleasantly surprised by the 4-0 result, in MU's favour. But, of course! Here's the scoreline. Imagine a goal at the 90th minute! Now, what or who was in my dream at that time? LOL! Nah... no such luck. What I mean is, no memory of any dream. Slept like a baby..

56' [1 - 0] W. Rooney

69' [2 - 0] C. Ronaldo

71' [3 - 0] D. Berbatov

90' [4 - 0] Nani

We are catching up... slowly but surely.


  1. You're probably one of the few girls in existence who actually follows football stuff.

    I don't. I guess most guys do but i'm one of those guys who's not interested in sucker, i mean soccer :p

  2. Liverpool was were known as The Reds first. Then Man U had to call themselves The Red Devils :p

  3. MB, see why the quiz says I'm interesting? Kidding.

    It's just a matter of interest. So, what are you a sucker for, eh?

    Red is an auspicious colour, mah. I read an article sometime back that pointed out that the teams who won competitions all were decked in red. Coincidence, perhaps?