Sunday, September 4, 2011

The City is back to life

The almost-a-week-long holiday is fast coming to a close after the Hari Raya celebration. For those who made their way home to their hometown, most will be travelling back to the city today. If one were to see our highway from the air, the road would look like a lengthy slithering creature. The city is getting back to life, to its insane city jams and hustle bustle of activity.

Traffic jams and queues are really a test in patience - in a good way, of course. I once had to queue for two hours trying to get onto the cable car at the Genting Highlands Skyway. The line extended right down to one floor below! I'm kidding you not! I remember it was on a public holiday, Labor Day, and fearing there would be no parking uphill, we (friends and I) decided to park at the Skyway and take the cable car up instead. Officially known as Genting Skyway, the cable car station is located around midway from the foothill to Genting Highlands uphill. Genting Skyway is more or less opposite where Awana Hotels & Resorts is. This hotel complex (with golf facilities) is also part of the Genting Highlands chain of hotels.
Above, aerial view of Awana Hotels & Resorts borrowed from the hotel website.

After the day-trip, going downhill from the cable car station was another test. We were caught in the jam for another two hours. As if that wasn't bad enough, we had to put up with whiffs of burnt tyres as well. Quite an experience and a lesson learned on patience on this never-to-attempt-again Gentings day-trip on a public holiday..

Another queue I try to avoid is the supermarket checkout queue. Lining up behind shoppers with trolley loads of items is one thing, but having to wait for a cashier fiddling with (not her fault of course) a less than perfect POS system is another. One thing I've learned to avoid a supermarket queue is to check out at least an hour before closing. Also, to never pick up any item without a price tag and/or barcode tag.


  1. haha, so you already get yourself ready to go back to work tomorrow?? well, this break doesn't seem any different for me, cos i'm still rushing for my assignment like usual..

  2. hmmm, yeah, i always like the quite KL during festive season.. people either gone back to their hometown or gone to some attractions like Genting or Malacca.. those are really crowded places..

  3. but i was downtown on raya day itself, and shocked to see the place so crowded with bangladeshi, burmese, nepalis and indonesians!! haha.. it's their time celebrating during the holidays too.. :D