Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Frolics - What Type of Cruise Should You Go On?

I've yet to be on a cruise but I think it should be fun on one. I've always thought all cruises are the same, i.e., with the same facilities and itinerary. Apparently, they are not. This week's quiz is about cruises and it says I should go on a Disney cruise. Check out the type of cruise that you should go on.

Have a cruising, happy weekend, everyone! It's one that's longer than usual, isn't it, considering it's a public holiday today. Happy Malaysia Day!

You Should Go on a Disney Cruise

You are family oriented, fun loving, and truly a kid at heart.

For you, a cruse is less about the destination and more about the total experience.

You love the idea of a cruise with a little nostalgia and lots of activities for everyone.

A Disney cruise will wow you, entertain you, and give you memories to last a lifetime.


  1. Bananaz turning Mickey Mouse going on a Disney Cruise..hey sama sama again like you? High5!

  2. Gosh! It says I should go on an Australian Cruise!! Australia here I come! LOL!!

    You're the kind of person who is interested in everything. You have a hardcore desire to experience it all.
    You fit in perfectly in the largest cities in the world, but you also cherish your time in nature.

    You are an active and energetic person. You don't want to lounge around on a cruise ship... you want to go diving or kangaroo watching!
    You want your vacation to be completely action packed. You'll sleep when you're back at home.

  3. Was 'freezing' at home came to check your temp wow 78°F no wonder gotta wear jacket haha.

  4. Bananaz, yeah, high-5!

    Foong, Australian cruise sounds like fun - kangaroo-chasing or rather hopping! LOL!

    Bananaz, good for snuggling up in bed. hehe..

  5. Don't go on a cruise - cruise ships are one of the most polluting means of transportation on the planet, both in terms of CO2 emissions and ocean pollution (sewerage, chemicals). Better to take a local or regional vacation and stay in one area.

    Besides, on land you can meet the local people and learn more about the place you visit. On a cruise ship you are isolated from them except for when you buy souvenirs.

  6. PandaB, thank you for sharing your wisdom. There certainly is more one can learn from land travel. Glad we only have one cruise line here in Malaysia.