Sunday, September 4, 2011

Motorbike lanes in Kuala Lumpur

Having just arrived in Kuala Lumpur and being a big bike fan, an expatriate colleague bought a brand-new big bike and took it for a spin downtown. As he was nicely cruising along taking in the city sights, a traffic policeman waved him down. Apparently, he was riding along a stretch of road that is designated for motorcars and bigger vehicles only. Motorbikes are to use an inner smaller road running alongside the regular road. This is for safety purposes.


  1. Some motorbikes lane in KL are not safe.

    And really got police monitoring the bikers, ah? Seen a lot of motorbikes zooming by at places they are not supposed to and nobody gives a hoot.

  2. Used to have motor bike lanes but with so much rapid construction their lanes are also compromised and they need to weave in and out of the highway. Shoei helmets are one of those well known brands.

  3. Lina, the policeman was right in presuming that my colleague needed help being a Mat Salleh (caucasian foreigner) which my colleague appreciated.

    Bananaz, there still are motorbike lanes in the city but you are right that some of them may have been compromised.