Thursday, September 8, 2011

The New Blogger interface

Blogger is still my choice of blog platform which I've been using for many years now. It's not a perfect platform but over the years, there have been many improvements done though I've yet to be using the new blog templates. I've been toying with the idea lately but the thought of having to retype the links is a big turnoff. Still, the inevitable will come one day.

Blogger recently introduced something quite radical, a new interface. Have you had the chance to try the new Blogger interface or are you already using it? Me, I'm glad there is still the old interface to fall back to. You can learn more about it on Blogger Buzz: Blogger’s fresh new look.

The new interface looks sophisticated, more of-the-times, if you will, though it takes some getting used to like all things new. I've been switching back and forth from old to new and back to old again. After doing that, switching, I'm now seeing a little glitch.

The paragraphing option doesn't work anymore. I have to go to Compose to do that (on the old interface as I'm still blogging from there). Anyone encountering this problem? Any suggestion to fix it? I haven't done much on the new interface to know everything there is to know about the features but I guess when the time comes for a total switch, then the hard-knocks would come. Now let me go to Compose to break the paragraphs. Sigh..


  1. Hey thank for sharing,actually,i am and idiot as far as IT is concerned,even I am dealing with computer stuff,hahhaahha

    Don't know much about this,i just know how to blog,i was told in fact blogger showcases a lot of good stuff too.. will check it out

  2. I fall back to old interface, but I believe sooner or later Blogger will force us to migrate to new one.

  3. Tried the new interface but back and forth using the old cannot locate the 'dashboard' and 'design' leh haha. Would slow slow come to get the hang of it eventually.

  4. the new interface actually looks good, but i switched back to the old one because i'm so used to it already.. :)

  5. I tried it but I guess I like things familiar. ;)