Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Haze is back - The smell of BBQ in the air..

 The haze is back in Malaysia with the air quality in parts of Klang Valley dipping further. The Department of Environment (DOE) Air Pollutant Index (API) recorded a reading of 92 as at 7am this morning (86 the day before). Shah Alam drew closer to unhealthy level at 96, Port Klang at 81, Batu Muda - 88 and Cheras at 84. In other parts of Peninsula Malaysia, SK Jalan Pegoh in Ipoh worsened to 86 while Seberang Jaya 2 in Perai recorded 79.

A good API reading is from 0-50, moderate (51-100), unhealthy (101-200), very unhealthy (201-299) and hazardous (from 300 and above).

A few things to remember when the air quality is bad. Best to stay indoors as much as possible. If at all possible avoid going to areas where the haze reading is particularly bad. Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated is a wise move. Open burning is to be avoided. Holding barbeques is certainly not a good idea at this moment. Put them off until Halloween. Did I say Halloween? It must be because of some Halloween invitations I saw on a website that has all kinds of Halloween invitations with images of all manner of pumpkins, witches on brooms, costumes, masks and all sorts of other related items.

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