Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Frolics - The Classroom Test

I don't know about being studious but glad school's out and formal schooling is no longer part of my life. On the other hand, we are literally students for life as life is in fact a learning process. What do you think? What have you learned today or yesterday?

You Are a Studious Student

You are wise and thoughtful. You are very philosophical about life.

When something is important enough, you will tell people about it. You like to mull things over for a while.

You are original in both your thoughts and actions. You think the status quo is boring.

You are good at working hard without expecting praise. Others often don't know about your accomplishments.


  1. Bananaz is a Studious Student? Oh no HappySurfer not again! haha. Bananaz was 'fined' in class to write 100 lines "I must put up my hand when I know the answer". ~;(.

  2. I never like going to school, most probably due to the very academic-based education system here. Very boring :-(

  3. oh.. i am a Hyper Student??!! haha..

    You are playful and open to the world. You give yourself the freedom to explore. You have a lot that drives you in life: the desire to be the best and a secret hope of fame and power. It's hard for you to sit still and deal with structured environments. You need to do things your own way. You have what it takes to be a success, but only if you are able to chart your own course.