Monday, June 18, 2012

Candies for my Candy jar

Dont't these look pretty! All that glitters is not gold, they say. But these are gold coins, gold coin chocolates, that is.

When was the last time you had one of these chocolate gold coins? They bring back childhood memories, don't they? I don't see them around here these days, do you?

All is not lost though as they are still around and they don't cost a limb at Cheap Candy.

And how about these candies? Critter candies they are called. I haven't tasted one of these but would be worth a try. These would make great candies too for my candy jar on my desk.


  1. I still remember a friend gave us angpows many years back and it contains these chocolate gold coins inside! No money but chocolates, can you believe it?! LOL

  2. That brought back memories! ^^ I haven't seen these coins in, oh, forever.

    PS: I've just remembered old-fashioned bubblegum. We used to chew big tough pink BRICKS. You could blow massive bubbles. I haven't seen that around for a long time, either.

  3. Foong, awww! Not very nice, huh?

    I have received angpows from Singapore of mint coins on several occasions. I suppose now they must be worth more than their face-value being collector's items.

  4. Rurousha, they do indeed bring back memories. I don't remember those pink bricks. Maybe we didn't have them, being third world and all, you know! LOL

    What we had were those round ones. Maybe they are still available. I don't know.

    All this gum talk reminds me of this gum wall in Seattle.