Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Push presents for Dads

Times they sure are a-changing. Two new fathers in the office are busy looking out for gifts for their wives after the birth of their babies, both baby girls. I see this as a new trend and a positive one, I might add. (New babies was the topic of discussion at this morning's breakfast table and inevitably pregnancies and confinement taboos were also covered. Lots of insights were shared.)

Nowadays, shops offer many choices when it comes to push presents for dads and they need not necessarily be expensive gifts. Take for instance this Majorica baroque pearl drop pendant + earrings set which is priced at $179.95 but is now at a much-reduced price of $99.99! There are lots more other gift choices where these came from. So, dads, you have a lot of choices.


  1. hahaha, is it a compulsory thing that dad must buy a gift for the wife after giving birth?? :p

  2. I didn't get any! LOL

  3. interesting, nice one:)

  4. SK, I believe it's not much practised here. Perhaps it's about time?

    Lina, that'll be a lot of gifts in arrears if you were to make a claim now. LOL

    A Mom, you're welcome!