Friday, June 15, 2012

The Haze is back in Kuala Lumpur - unhealthy air quality

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Oh dear, the haze is back in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas. The air is filled with an acrid smell of smoke and people in the office are complaining about smarting eyes even indoors.

According to the Department of Environment's Air Pollutant Index (API), Kuala Selangor recorded a level of 131, followed by Port Klang (130) and Shah Alam (106).

A blanket of haze seen over Klang town, at 11.30am this morning. Klang town is located about 32 km to the west of Kuala Lumpur and 6 km east of Port Klang.

The Star
reported that:
API readings of between 101 and 200 are deemed unhealthy, while normal air quality is 50 and below.

Moderate air quality was recorded in 32 areas along the west coast, including Seri Manjung (94) in Perak, Cheras (91) in Kuala Lumpur (91) and Petaling Jaya (85).

It is believed the hazy conditions were caused by the current dry spell and hot spots in Sumatra.

Image source: The Star


  1. You were wearing dust mask?

  2. I can't see clearly now the haze has come..♫

  3. It almost looks like a Sahara dust storm! Take care!

  4. Lawrence, not yet and hope mask not needed. Am thinking 'Rain'.

  5. Bananaz, LOL! The rain heavy enough at your end to clear the haze?

  6. Rurousha, thank you. Yes, it's quite bad. Tall buildings such as the Petronas Twin Towers seem to be doing the disappearing act.