Sunday, June 17, 2012

Of Haze and Guitars..

With all that haze, life goes on. It has to. I have yet to see anyone outdoors with a mask on though. Maybe I was a little too optimistic in my earlier post about the rain washing away the haze, the rain has stopped!

A visiting colleague is venturing out today visiting his local luthier, one who makes stringed musical instruments. This luthier in Kuala Lumpur makes guitars. You didn't know we have such expertise here locally, didn't you?

Talk about guitars, I didn't know Jackson Guitars come in such a wide range of models and accompanying prices.

One can even buy a Jackon guitar online for as low as $200! This range includes the Jackson JS22R Dinky Electric Guitar, Jackson JS23 Dinky Electric Guitar and the Jackson JS32T King V Electric Guitar. I should think these would be great for someone starting out on guitar playing. These guitars offer the best in materials, workmanship, and value.

On the other extreme, there is the Jackson 30th Anniversary RR5FR Rhoads Electric Guitar with a price-tag of $4,400. This guitar is a limited run signature model that fans of metal are sure to love! Only 30 of these were made available worldwide. This is an exact replica of the one of the first five Jackson Guitars produced.

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