Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Mongolian model shot and blown to bits

"Mongolian model shot and blown to bits" -- this is the headline of The Star paper today.

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have picked up a prominent political analyst attached with a politically well-connected think-tank for questioning over the gruesome murder of a Mongolian model whose body was blown to bits. More..The Star


  1. Poor thing... But I wonder what the true circumstances are, behind those few lines of statement.. You know? Like Thriller novels.. Spies, crimes of passion, etc...

  2. Say, what??!?

    What would a political analyst have to do with the gruesome murder of a model?

    This is bizarre...

  3. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Heard it on the radio
    don't have the mmmm to read
    What have we become...

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    explosive story! scary!
    world is getting crazy!
    whoever involved might be some prominent person in politics? just my wild guess ...

  5. Anonymous8:28 AM

    This is disheartening.

  6. Anonymous2:37 PM

    This is quite disturbing in that apparently our police are acting as contract killers for powerful politicians or those close to them to cover up their sexual misconduct.
    The full sordid story will no doubt unfold in due course.

  7. I pray for justice to be served upon these evil-doers.

  8. I read this from newspaper too.

    At first, I thought it was another rape and kill case, but after reading the details...speechless...

    Justice! I hope there is!

  9. Anonymous7:16 AM

    This is sickening! And to think that someone has the heart to blow a person up, using C4! By policemen!

    My dad read in another article saying that the lady demanded some big money from the analyst for the child's support. I think she must have heard some secret stuff from the analyst and threatened to tell the world if he doesn't pay the money.

    And I thought only terrorists used C4 to blow things up????? Hmmmmmm ............

  10. LB, probably lots of dirt under the carpet. Perhaps good enough for a book followed by a movie - very James Bondesque, with lots of intrigue at every turn, weapons of mass destruction (very contemporary), heavy wheeling and dealing, even heavier breathing from moments of passion, etc., etc. Something that extends beyond that 23-incher? LOL!

  11. MM said:
    "What would a political analyst have to do with the gruesome murder of a model?"

    Exactly my sentiment when I first read it. Probably other readers felt the same. Bizarre, you are right. Perhaps I should fill you (and others) in on follow-up reports?

    No one knows what really happened.
    Up till now, it's only clue-ridden.
    Everyone has his own exciting version
    Love, could it be a crime of passion.
    Crimes will surely claim their payment.

  12. Z, once in awhile we get something exciting on our shores which keep our police force on their toes.

    Slurp!, this one is definitely an attention-grabber, so stay tuned.

    Ian, yeah, disheartening. You can say that it's a first-world crime in a third-world nation. Oops!!
    What have we (Malaysia) got ourself into?

  13. FH2o, the truth will prevail, naturally.

    Mickell, crime doesn't pay. Unfortunately, some people think they can get away with murder (literally).

  14. RS, deperate times call for desparate measures but unfortunately at the expense of life. Sad.

    L, a bizarre crime it is, sophisticated even. Probably will start a new trend. Wait! Don't like someone? Blow him or her up. Jeeeeeezzzz.

  15. I expect sooner of later our beloved country's policemen and politicians will find ways to sweep the dirt under the carpet. or find some scapegoat to put all blames on and pretend nothing happen. I hate this cronysim culture and "you-jaga-i,i-jaga-you" culture.

    I am getting disappointed with our own country. Years and years of development, it seems some people haven't leared at all. No wonder people are migrating, brains are draining away.

  16. Blame it all on Rumsfeld.