Thursday, November 2, 2006

Addicted to Technology

We are now living in a technological age. Everything everywhere is brimming in high-technology and life these days are much different from say ten years ago. Technology is practically running our life. Don't believe me? Check out below.
See any familiar scenario? Are you living any of them?


  1. Human civilization is in serious trouble.

    All hail our cybertronic overlords!

    Cyberspace is reality.
    Computers have taken our sanity.
    Now we live for the next
    Mail to come; lines of text.
    Does that really say much for society?

  2. Which reminds me of the movie, iRobot. Scary.

    Everyone is at its mercy.
    By George! That is so silly.
    Utterly preposterous
    Aren't we hopeless
    Needing all this technology.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Happy!

    Surely we're living in a high-technology world now. Like all of us are communicating in the blog-land now.

    Well, I doubt where'll the real communication (in Person) be exist or not??

  4. Anonymous4:03 PM

    B.T.W. I like your movie vedio - Hotel Califronia. :)

  5. i agree with pinkpanther, i have re-played it a few times just to listen to it. thanks for sharing.

  6. You made my day!!!

  7. PP, you are welcome. It will be nice to meet up of course but in the meantime, the blogosphere is our meeting place. **Waiter, a round of drinks for everybody, please.**

    Glad you like the music video. Was surprised it came out so well.

    YD, you are welcome. Singing this on your next visit to the karaoke session? ;)

    IML, I'm glad, milady.

  8. Anonymous8:36 AM

    LOL this is funny!!!