Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Brassiere

Received some cute illustrations about bra codes so I thought I'd add on more meat (forgive the pun) to the post.

First, a little history is in order.

The first modern brassiere to receive a patent was one invented by a New York socialite named Mary Phelps Jacob in 1913. Mary had just purchased a sheer evening gown for one of her social events. At that time, the only acceptable undergarment was a corset stiffened with whaleback bones. Mary found that the whalebones poked out visible around the plunging neckline and under the sheer fabric. Two silk handkerchiefs and some pink ribbon later, Mary had designed an alternative to the corset. More info here...The History of the Brassiere

For more information, you can also visit the Wiki.

By the way, remember the song "The Girl from Ipanema"? Ipanema is the touristy part of Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and Brazil is well-known for her beaches and more so for the perfectly-tanned, body-beautiful ladies in their skimpiest of skimpy beachwear. The bikini was actually invented by a Brazilian lady who used strings to hold the pieces of teeny-weeny bits of cloth together and voila! the bikini was born.

And, if you have often wondered about the bra-codes (yes, you got it right - bra-codes not bar-codes), well, wonder no more. Here is the lesson which would be difficult to forget, I am pretty sure.

Now you know.

Of course, there is always the other side of the coin to balance things up. There is a school of thought that encourages not using this uplifting(?) contraption due to them being hazardous to health. Read article.

Illustration source unknown


  1. LOLOLOL!!! I've fallen over too!

  2. Bras. Created for the perception of men. One difference between man and woman is man has something extra down there while woman has something extra up there. In 1969, the bra industry in America suffered its greatest setback when the Women's Liberation Movement discarded and burned their bras.

  3. Hi Happysurfer.

    I have often wondered what all the sizes meant, not being an expert in that department, but from the pictures definite a 'C' for me.


  4. LB, fallen over endowed with a size H tongue? LOL!!

    Hi Mickell, welcome back. Thanks for the extra information. Yes, the Women's Lib movement did cause a dip in bra sales in the West though it hardly made a ripple in this part of the world. Honestly, I don't think I'd have the guts to go around town having my *ahem* flinging all over the place, not that I'm Dolly Parton or what. Oops!

  5. Hi Mick, thank you for sharing. You are one happy and realistic person.

    Most people have fantasies but the reality is that most times they remain such (fantasies) as the majority of every single item in life is concentrated at the centre of the bell-curve.


    hey i appreciate you sharing the history of bras with us..kekeek..bras are after all sth we just cuold not live without..LOL

  7. Anything beyond C is scary!

  8. PC, you're welcome.

    Joe, scary, eh? LOL!

  9. Dang and Double Dang looks dandy. I love 'Girl from Ipanema'. A wonderful song that came out of Bra.zeal

  10. The bigger they are the further they'll sag. Personally, B or C in these cartoons look right to me.

    The Girl from Impanema - will always be Astrud Gilberto to me, who sang it as Stan Getz played sax. (won a Grammy for it in 1964). It was on the second record album I bought.

    "And when she passes each one she passes goes "sigh'." And so do I when ever I hear that song.

  11. there's a common saying that "don't be too obsessed with the boobs size. The bigger they are, the higher chance that the girl gonna become fat in her later years." is this true?


  12. Anonymous8:40 PM

    An uplifting post nonetheless again
    I wonder if there is anything beyond H

  13. Heterosexual male though I am, I still don't understand the obsession with bloated, oversized breasts. They just don't look attractive to me at all. I prefer pretty to big any day.

    (Of course big AND pretty...)

  14. Agus, Bra.zeal - I like that. haha!

    Pandabonium, thanks for the added info.

    YD, that's news to me.

    Z, I wonder too.

    MM, but of course - big AND pretty.