Monday, November 6, 2006

Take your pick

I think the haze is back in KL since Saturday afternoon. It is not as bad as a few weeks back as the sun is able to come through at least.

I am not complaining, just pointing out a not-so-desirable condition. There are even worse conditions around us. Or there may be people who just wish to be alive. Saddam Hussein may be one such person as he was sentenced to hang.


  1. Yeah, indeed! We have this built-in tendency to complain about everything, we can't see the trees for the forest!

  2. poignant post but life is lidat!

  3. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Life is just so... not what we think, right

  4. LB, perhaps it's our built-in mechanism against stress caused by inadequate conditions? Threshold for stress varies in individuals. No?

    SF, life is lidat. hmm...

    Z, I suppose we are just lucky to be where there is no war and famine.