Friday, November 3, 2006

Visit Tioman

Is this a good deal or what!


  1. Ok, let's gooooo!!!!!!!! I am packed and ready!

  2. It sounds a little too good to me. I'd look into it to see if any pharmaceutical companies, defense contractors, or TV/film studios are involved.

    "Yes, here's your room: a lovely suite with a southern exposure! Don't worry about those wires and things around the jacuzzi and waterbed. Those are part of our unique comfort system! Yeah, that's the ticket!"

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Sounds nice and interesting
    Must check it out if in town

  4. do read the small fine print at the left hand corner.

    *Terms and conditions apply

    aiyo, no free lunch in life..

  5. LB, ok, see you in Tioman then. Errrr.... when ar?

    MM, LOL! Aren't we letting our imagination and cynicism running a little too wild here? A little reassurance is in order, I suppose.

    Berjaya Hotels & Resorts is a reputable local conglomerate and owns hotels and resorts here in Malaysia and around the world, including London. They also own other properties such as the new Berjaya Times Square in KL. A time-sharing outfit is one of the things they operate which explains the type of properties they own.

    Offers like this one is a regular exercise to sell their resorts one of which is in Tioman. Alright, a business gimmick, if you will.

    Now, why in the world would a reputable organization be involved in sleazy and unscrupulous activities? Ok, you can rest easy now and start packing your bags for a real holiday here - no school kids to watch out for, etc. etc. - all sun and fun.

    Btw, Tioman Island is a great holiday destination - unspoilt and offers fantastic beaches and water activities.

  6. Z, I thought so too. Go check it out.

    Robin, doesn't the clause "Terms and Conditions apply" apply to everything? I believe even the most expensive of holiday packages also carries this. A standard 'disclaimer' sort of?

    Of course, everything has a price. It just depends on how much one is willing to part for it.

    This is still a good deal if one is thinking about going to Tioman. Even airfare alone may come to that much. Btw, the airline that plies the route is also run by Berjaya. Now you see how low they can go?

    Thank you for the heads-up though.

  7. i wan dat wone!