Monday, November 13, 2006

Attitude of Gratitude

Life may not be easy but at least we are alive. I say a silent prayer of thanks each time I see pictures like these. Do you feel the same?


  1. Hi Happysurfer.

    A picture says a thousand words, unbelievable.

    Photo 1. - I would like to see a ‘Cyclist’ with load like that in the centre of Bristol, the Police would have a ‘Hay’ time with him.

    Photo 2. - Wow.

    Photo 3. - I don’t think I would attempt a crossing like that let alone having babies and Ladies with me.

    Request. Could you on your blog page please, please put the clock back to just underneath your ‘About Me’? or to just above ‘Previous Posts’.


  2. Hi Mick, ref Photo 3, I remember one time I wanted to take a shortcut going down a slope and found the gradient so steep that I changed my mind and took the long route instead. I sure hope these people need not have to do this daily.

    Clock has been repositioned. You know, you came just in time as I was contemplating as to whether to remove it. Now I know that at least someone is using it. Thank you.

  3. I think we all need to remember how blessed we really are compared with probably more than half this world's population...

    Then again, people who live in less developed societies tend to be stronger willed and more physically fit and complain a lot less than we do.

  4. Brings home the fact that those of us in the rich countries are living at the expense of others. Blessed? I don't know. Maybe just lucky to be born in the areas favored by the empire.

  5. MM, I think the will to survive is a great motivator in less developed countries.

    PB, I would equate 'luck' to 'blessing' in a way if we tend not to be too analytical.

    Generally, we can't change facts. We can only live them. No?

  6. People can and do change things. All the time.

  7. PB, agree about that.

  8. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Practice makes perfect, guess they just have to do it daily to become second nature. :)

  9. Slurp! I guess. They're probably used to it but for us looking at the pictures for the first time, it's unnerving. Sad too.