Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spain in the UEFA Euro 2011 Finals

Spain it is! I am still on track on my prediction that Spain will be in the finals.

Scoreline: 4-2 on penalties (exactly like England vs Italy)

Will it be Germany or Italy joining Spain in the finals? Your thoughts?

Image source: Google search


  1. Okay now, I wish to see Spain and Germany in final,,,

  2. so will Spain play against Germany or Italy?? your prediction is quite accurate always?? haha.. let's see what's the outcome tonight, or rather, morning tomorrow~~ :D

  3. Eugene, gimme 5!! Who are you rooting for?

    SK, just lucky, I guess. So far, Germany has done extremely well. Who knows at the end of the day, Balotelli may be the one with the broadest grin. Balotelli plays for Italy (and Manchester City).

    Looking forward to tomorrow morning's match between Germany and Italy, i.e., if I can manage to stay awake enough.