Monday, June 25, 2012

England vs Italy Quarterfinals, 0-0, but..

Awshucks! England is out in the England vs Italy quarterfinals this morning. Italy will play Germany in the semifinals. The other pair of semifinalists is Spain and Portugal. The schedule of games is as below:
(Click to enlarge image)

As mentioned earlier in the Will it be England or Italy in the UEFA Euro 2012 semifinals post, my prediction of Germany and Spain in the finals is still good. Is the team or teams you picked still in the running?

Wayne Rooney and his dejected England team-mates come to terms with another loss on penalties, after being beaten 4-2 by Italy in the shootout in Kiev. Photograph: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images -


  1. so you've been following through with the matches?? hmmm, because of the games or because of those handsome players?? :p

  2. Yay!! Germany and Spain are in!! But of course, I always support the winners! LOL!

  3. SK, LOL, though Rooney's eyes are really beautiful up close. :p

  4. Foong, that's like sitting on the fence. No? haha..