Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Attractions in Kuala Lumpur at the KLCC

Schools are closed for the holidays these two weeks here in Malaysia. If you were to go downtown or visit places where there are attractions, these places would be crowded teeming with happy excited faces, the schoolchildren's.

Being the capital city of the country, Kuala Lumpur provides a wide choice of student travel sites from attractions in the city to jungle-trekking at FRIM, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia over at Kepong to the Bird Park and museums.  There are more than enough attractions to fill up for a week's excursion here in Kuala Lumpur. 

I was at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre) last weekend and saw a large group of excited schoolchildren lining up waiting to gain admittance into the PetroSains Science Discovery Centre, an attraction located inside the KLCC where the Petronas Twin Towers are. This is a must-see place when you are in KL especially if you have small children with you. Oh, while you are in KLCC, you may also want to visit the Aquaria KLCC, a state-of-the-art oceanarium showcasing over 5000 different exhibits of aquatic and land-bound creatures. For music-lovers, take in a performance or two at the Petronas Philharmonic, Malaysia's first world class concert hall in Kuala Lumpur for classical music.


  1. hahaha, passed by numerous times but yet to go in.. i guess this is what many locals wanna comment about the Petrosains Museum?? :D

  2. Yeah, crowded during school holidays but roads are not as jammed. Talking about FRIM, long time didn;t revisit that place. Must go again soon to check out the ghostly images I took last time! : D

    1. I was told the Canopy Walk is back on.

      You mean that image on the tree trunk that I spotted on your photo? Go find out. I want to know too.

  3. Yes, yes that ghostly image you spotted. Not sure if the tree is still there though. Haha! Will definitely blog about it if I go there again! : )