Sunday, June 23, 2013

KL Haze today - June 23 2013

Woke up with the smell of smoke in the air. Looked out the window and didn't like what I saw. I'm also seeing a soaring site stats this morning and the past few days since the Malaysia haze started. This could only mean people inside and outside the country or region are concerned about the haze situation.  Even United Nations is concerned and have called for urgent steps to be taken.

So, what's the PSI reading in Kuala Lumpur today? Am not suprised if it is unhealthy or even very unhealthy today. It is bad.

The haze in KL today is not good. It looks like it's worse today than yesterday. I took a drive/walk out in my neighbourhood to capture some shots to share with you.

A car (whose driver was wearing a mask) stopped to offer me a ride. Touched by his kind gesture.  Declined and thanked him.

I didn't venture too far so just a few shots to show..

No Petronas Twin Towers in the distance

Not much sunshine getting through today
Two tall durian trees in someone's backyard

Alright, some vision calibration is in order.. blue skies on a clear day in Kuala Lumpur

And this shot (from The Star) is of rally participants camping out at Padang Merbok after yesterday's Black 505 rally in Kuala Lumpur. The rally was held to call for the immediate resignation of all Election Commission (EC) commissioners, re-elections to be held in at least 30 parliamentary seats and to stop the EC from conducting redelineation exercise or review electoral laws pending appointment of new commissioners. The protestors are camping ahead of the opening of the 13th Parliament tomorrow.

Padang Merbok campsite with the KL Tower in the background

Over in the south, shocking PSI reading for Muar. The air pollutant index (API) in Muar has spiked to 746 as of 7.00am this morning, which is more than twice the standard hazardous levels according to the Department of Environment website on Sunday.

This is Muar town yesterday with a API/PSI of 453
Source: The Star

On a normal non-hazy day, Muar is this clear..a picture from my archives..

Tower near the Muar bridge (bottom right) over the Muar River

Further down in Singapore, the PSI has improved today to 90 as at 11am. This could be due to wind direction change with the fumes being blown KL-way, hence our bad KL PSI reading today. Still not able to access the DOE site. Suspect it must be getting so many hits it's not able to cope. The smog is mounting as I'm writing this. The PSI reading here in KL must be soaring and in tandem with my site unique visitor hits but the latter I'm not complaining.

Take care, those of you caught in this hazy environment. This too shall pass..

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