Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Video clip on lightning arrester collapse in Penang during the freak storm

Following is a short video clip showing the moments the lightning arrester pole collapsed in Jalan Macalister in Penang during a freak storm last Thursday.

The lightning arrester fell and crashed onto the road hitting several vehicles, including a Honda City, believed to belong to a man, Lim Chin Aik, 44, whose body has yet to be recovered.

In a separate article, The Star reported that Police complete probe, no human remains found in car wreckage - The police have failed to find any human tissue or blood stains from the car wreckage found in the crater in Macalister Road where Lim Chin Aik was believed to be buried.

Source: The Star


  1. thanks for sharing the video.. this is so tragic, couldn't believe it seeing with my own eyes, i thought reading the news was already scary..

  2. You're welcome, SK. It's tragic, indeed.